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    I attempted to read it, but I couldn't. Being a die hard Harry Potter fan, it was hard for me to accept Twilight as a book. I tried to read it, but I honestly couldn't. What is it about? A sparkly fairy and a big husky fighting for a clumsy girl. My problem with the series is how weak Bella is. I mean what is it teaching girls, that when their boyfriend leaves them they can commit suicide? How can people promote this garbage. I get that some people are like that, but don't call Bella a hero for begin someone like that. Without the love triangle, it's about a girl who moves to a rainy town. Or how about the villains. I mean theres a guy who can take away their victims pain(or something) if they are merciful. How is that evil? Or no one in Twilight ever dies (from the good side) In a war, people from both sides will die, no matter their powers. In Harry Potter, characters realistically die.
    Over 6 years ago
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    By Stephenie Meyer
    Over 6 years ago

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