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    My opinion on Hatchet is that it is a very fun and adventurous book to read. You never know what is going to happen and some parts are very surprising/shocking. Hatchet is a book about a young boy who got stranded in the forest and is trying to survive. (!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!) My favorite part of the book is when a tornado hits Brian’s “camp”. This is my favorite part because he stayed strong afterward even though before he had been attacked by a moose. He was left with nothing, but the hatchet, and was still tough and even said “Is that all you’ve got.”, showing that he is ready for anything. (!!!END OF SPOILER!!!) I would recommend this book to people who like a mysterious journey because you never knew what would happen and to me that is really fun to read. In my opinion, Terry seems like a really fun and caring person who is also Brian’s best friend. I think he is caring because he was trying to stop Brian from getting sad about the Secret. He is fun and Brian’s best friend because Brian talked about Terry a lot of times when him and Terry were playing games and riding bikes. Another reason I think Terry is Brian’s best friend is because he never talked about any other friends, so I assumed that he was his best friend. I picked a rate of five because I really like books about mystery and adventure and Hatchet has a lot of both.
    Over 1 year ago
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    By Gary Paulsen
    Over 1 year ago

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