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    The books genre is adventure and it was written by Mary Pope Osborn. I like this book because Jack and Annie go to the moon to find the last clue to free Morgon. Then they find a mysterious moon man who gives him a clue but will it work? The main characters are Jack: an eight year old boy who reads a lot and likes to plan things first then actually does it. Then there is Annie:a girl who’s 7 years old and that loves to head straight into things without planning plus she’s very funny.Two key events that “added” to the plot are 1. Is that they can only breathe for two hours in space because they are on the moon. 2. when the mysterious moon man gives them a clue but it doesn’t work. At first Jack feels uncomfortable and wants to go home. Next he feels as free as a bird. I say this because on page 54 it states, “It was great to be free-even if he no longer felt light as a feather. One unanswered question I would like to ask the author is who was the mysterious moon man alien or human.The thing I enjoyed the most about this book is the setback when the clue did not work because it was very suspenseful and exciting.Yes, I would recomend this book because even though it’s short it is full of suspense and exitement
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