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    On August 11, 2020, presumptive  Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden made history by announcing California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate for the upcoming electio...
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    Summer 2020  has been exciting for stargazers. They have been treated to a once-in-a-lifetime visit from comet NEOWISE and had the rare opportunity to observe five planets and a...
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    Stephen Wamukota, a nine-year-old from Mukwa village in Western Kenya, is making headlines worldwide for his ingenious hand washing machine.  The young boy  came up with the ide...
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    Over the years, researchers have made numerous attempts to make Harry Potter's invisibility cloak a reality. While each version has been slightly better, none have come close to...
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    Beacon Street Girls is a series where a group of girls, the newest of their friend group they met on the first day, each facing their own type of personal struggle. These books are definitely good for kids, as they might relate to something each of the characters faces. The illustrations are positively cute , and the cover sparked my interest when I saw it. Overal, this book is definitely a good read and teaches great lessons!
    4 days ago
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    Based on a true story, George Takei grew up during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Due to the event, the U.S. deemed any individual who was of Japanese descent. Families were forced to leave their homes and ride on a train to who knows where. Upon their arrival, they were placed in assigned homes. George vividly remembers the heat that hit him when he entered the house. Using the resources available along with a sewing machine they brought against the rules, George Takei's mom made curtains, clothes, and other necessities that were not readily available in the house. After living in these houses in dreadful conditions that became home, there was a form families were brought to fill out. After being forced to live in these conditions because of their heritage, the questions asked were ludicrous. For instance, the questions included were asking if the person would fight in the war if they were called upon, and if they would leave everything to fight. Why would they fight for a country that forced them into these conditions due to racism? The people who answered no and no were moved to new houses with more security and guards. Later, the U.S. asked if they would like to go back to Japan or stay. George Takei and his family stayed. Later, near the moving of people going back to Japan, they learned the 7.S. had bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. George Takei and his family went back to their original home, and he started his career in acting. He continued his acting career and became apart of Star Trek. Overal, this comic book was very interesting and it gave me more knowledge to what it was like during this time in history. I recommend this book to people who want to learn more about the Japanese camps during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
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    Women have come a long way in history in getting the freedom and rights they should not have to fight for. Originally, women and men started out as equals. But throughout history, their equality to men declined until they were determined as inferior and given the role as the caregiver of the family. Because of the effort and hard work of many strong and outspoken women, today females now have the right to vote and have gained other rights that were taken from them. But still, even after that women still face many hardships. Lower pay, being objectified, critisicm of the media, difficulty finding jobs while taking care of kids, and even more. There is still so much work to do. This book teaches you more on what feminism is, the different types of feminism, hardships women still face today, and what it means to be a feminist. This book is definitely a great read and can educate you and others on what you may not even notice in today's media and popular culture that inferiorates women.
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