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    The Great Gatsby is personally too deep for me to understand and dissolve all of it. This story was based on the Jazz Age, when the rich and fabulous were having marvelous parties after World War I. I like Jordan Baker the most in this story, because even though she is cynical, I think she was wise and knew a lot of things. Daisy was the person I don’t admire the most. Although she was beautiful and men were infatuated by her, but I feel like she was just a pretty shell without a deep soul. Her desires weren’t realistic and she was greedy. However, she reminded me and taught me to not become someone that resembles her. I saw there are a lot of things that weren’t reveal. I learnt that the world is make up of greed, lies, and insidiously and undoubtedly, reality. It’s hard to face the truth that people are actually selfish creatures that often think about themselves. People are fickle, like plants, we often choose the way that benefit us the most. It might sound disappointed and dark, but sadly and truly, it’s the truth.
    Over 5 years ago
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    I do not enjoy book as much as I like the show, which is something I never say. I feel that the author portrayed the main character, Chloe King, as an immature, rude, and provocative person, which she is NOT.. Chloe King is a kick-butt super girl and I feel as if the book is really NOT showing. In conclusion, I do not recommend The Nine Lives of Chloe King: The Fallen; The Stolen; The Chosen and feel as if the show is way better.
    Over 5 years ago
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