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    A lesson that the main character learned was to make sure that you know all of the information before you start trying to solve the mystery. For example, Lemony Snicket was trying to solve a mystery about a young girl named Cleo Knight. Ellington Feint was pretending to be the girl. Snicket should have about if there were people disguised as Cleo Knight. If he did, Snicket would've solved the mystery way sooner. Additionally, Lemony used a recourse, Jake Hix to help him find the young woman. What lemony Snicket didn't know, was that Lake Hix knew where Cleo Knight was the whole time. If Snicket interrogated Jake Hix, he would know exactly where Cleo Knight was and he wouldn't have to go through all this trouble to find Cleo. In conclusion, if Lemony Snicket thought about everything he would need to know before solving the mystery, he would have been done with it in a jiffy. I would rate this book a, "9 out of 10" and the illustrations a, "6 out of 10" I would definatly recommend this book because the story-line makes it ok to read any of the volumes in the series, first. Also, the action and tedious parts are timed perfectly. One unanswered question I would like to ask the main
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