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    I think it is goof advice because it can happen to u and u can act like him and portend that u got a gun and having a party and all other stuff it will help u keep come and not just let them hit on u and and take stuff that is why I like a It and it is funny and can give u the laugh of the day because it show where he throw a brick and it him in the face and it show where he fell throw the floor and when he fall in the toilet and when he is burning his head and when he get shocked by the cords and he get water spread on hi. And when he picked the wrong gun up and had the nerd gun instead of the real gun and when he find him and say this the real gun and then that is when the ppl got shot Nd the police took the than Kevin mom cam and hugged him and then the went home
    Almost 6 years ago
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    Almost 6 years ago

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