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    In korea we don't really do anything special. Maybe seaweed soup, which is used for celebration. But in Seoul, you do have to attend church! If my English is bad forgive me its my second language
    About 6 years ago
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    I think that a lot of kids are starting to lose what Christmas really means. To our generation, it is usually all about the presents and what we are going to get. We buy presents with our parent's money and write half-hearted cards, lackadaisically. We only think about receiving and not giving. Only if prompted by others and out of politeness we say thank you. But, really, next time you get a gift, stop and think- your giver didn't really have to get you something, and she/he went out of his/her way to buy it for you, out of love. Christmas shouldn't be your favorite holiday because of the presents all about "Look what I got" or "What am I gonna get" or "School's over". It is about spending time with Family, and praising Jesus' birth. What do you think Christmas is all about? Do you agree with me? Reply, I want to hear what you think! (Survey time) Anyhow, happy holidays! -Analise
    About 6 years ago

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