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    1.the Goliath bird eaters are 11 inches and their name is misleading because the Goliath bird eaters do not eat birds. they make a hissing sound, two they release clouds of tiny barbed hairs, and lastly they use their 2 inch long fangs as a last resort. 3.the giant huntsman spider holds the record for the longest diameter for a spider,and we shouldn't be worried of the spider because it is very rare to see.
    Over 6 years ago
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    1.robert came across the apple by walking around his apple orchard. 2.It took the nursery scientist five years and Robert thinks the apples wont be a commercial success because of the appearance of the apples. 3.the apples cannot be used to produce bubbly cider because the acid levels of the apples are to low for the soda's preservatives. :D
    Over 6 years ago

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