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    Emma Dilemma is a great book . Emma's nanny Annie was getting married and Emma and Tim Emma's brother was scared Annie was going to move away but she didn't so Emma and Tim were glad and One day Emma wanted to turn her Closet into a storm Closet and bay that I mean she painted her closet bay her self that night marmaduke her ferret and wolf were asleep with her and in the morning Emma saw marmaduke and he was sick so they took him to the vet and the vet said that Marmaduke had to stay over night and to bring woof in and she did then the next day they got marmaduke and they went home and Annie's sisters and mom and dad came and they had the wedding at Emma's house the and Emma got in to Big Trouble for Painting her walls the End
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    Bean's mother kept telling her that she should play with Ivy and Ivy's mom kept telling her that she should play with bean. But they never did till one day because Bean was playing a trick on her sister Nancy and she didn't want to get in trouble so she ran into Ivy's yard. then Ivy saw her and ivy was wearing a bathrobe and she had a wand and bean ask why she was wearing a bathrobe an had a wand. Ivy said because I want to be a witch and I am practicing you don't look like a witch I know well let's go in your room and fix you up ok and they did with face paint and then they wanted to do a spell on Nancy and they need Worm's and Bean said she has a mud pile and worms live in there so they jumped backyards till they got to bean's backyard and they dug up worm's and threw the worm's on Nancy and they were best friends .
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