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    Tradition has brought people together all across the globe to celebrate the new year of 2015! Emotions rise through the air, the sound of laughter & joy quickly trailing behind. Keep your resolutions & goals true to yourself, & remember that you have the capability of making the world a brighter place every single day. As the years pass by, it seems inevitable that we are lucky to be living in such a world. For you & I; for all of us, the prior years have only prepared us for today. What about tomorrow? There is a probability that what was once yesterday may appear to be what awaits the future. We all have an intended destiny. But if you aren't entirely happy with yours, then change it. Refuse to let the fates decide. Do everything in your power to alter what lies ahead. Live your own dream, & never stop believing in that dream. Who you are isn't nearly equivalent to who you choose to be. I challenge you to make 2015 your time to shine, & to never lose sight of who you truly are. Do you accept this challenge? It's much easier than you think it is.
    Almost 6 years ago
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    Wow the future is coming, very soon
    Almost 6 years ago

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