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When Ryo Nakano, an Imperial Japanese soldier, gets a bizarre text message, he discovers he is the only man alive who can rescue his country from an invasion by Nazi Germany. In 2015 the Cold War has just ended, Japan is defeated, and after meeting Sato Hideyoshi—sender of the mysterious text, horrific vivisector of subhumans, and genius inventor of the Traversable Wormhole Generator—Ryo learns he must gamble everything if he is to go back in time to save the one man who can save the world: Adolph Hitler.

The journey to the past is fraught with danger. Ryo battles Aryans, the Secret Police, and even his own wife before he leaps through a wormhole and into the Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s secret bunker, on July 20th, 1941, the day the Fuehrer was assassinated. Ryo finds, however, that saving Hitler is only the beginning of his journey, and that he will have to plunge into the blood-soaked world of 1941 if he is to survive.

Part dystopian thriller, part sci-fi alternate history, part satire, Saving Hitler is an eye-opening exposé of the fascist taints in our own society, and takes us on a breathless voyage to a WW2 that never was: across Nazi Germany's marble megacity capital of the world, the bleak war-torn wastes of Siberia, and the anxious machine gun nests of a Hawaii softened up for a Japanese land invasion.

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Kindle Edition, 96 pages
Published on July 17, 2015 by Kahveh Press
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  • minnowkit
    minnowkitover 2 years33 stars
    This is great! It really makes me mad how every book is against Germany okay yes what the nazis did was horrific and inhuman. But not every soldier was part of the nazi party and really most of them where just fighting for survival so it's nice to have some light shone on Germany. You need to know a little about ww2 for this book . So ya acceptable
    • cnaq1
      cnaq1about 5 years
      amazing book