Rozen Maiden 1 (Rozen Maiden (Graphic Novels))

Library Binding, 175 pages
Published on February 12, 2008 by Paw Prints 2008-02-12
ISBN-10: 1435227492
ISBN-13: 9781435227491
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  • edmodo-vzklp2bqxw
    edmodo-vzklp2bqxwover 8 years55 stars
    i luv this manga and everyone should watchand read it! here's a review: Jun Sakurada is a middle school boy who stoped going to school he has a lot of junk and stuff in his room and orders a lot of things from the computer so one day he he ordered a rozen maiden which he didnt know wha it was so when he got it he got note that said "will you wind or will you not wind", of coarse he circle "wind" so he found a mysterious box lying right beside him and when he opened it he saw a doll and a winding key so he took the doll and used the key to wind it anUd it didnt do anything until it started to move and Jun quikly threw the rozen maiden dall somewhere and as the rozen maiden stood up it turned to life! The doll was caalled "Shinku" and was a girl doll and she was the 5th rozen maiden doll that was made! UNTIL THE NEXT BOOK!