Stolen Children

Stolen Children

By Peg Kehret

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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 10 - 9 Z 4.6 40202
Amy learned a lot in her babysitting course, but not what to do if two thugs show up, intent on kidnapping. Armed with misinformation and a weapon, the men take Amy and little Kendra to a remote cabin in the woods. There they make videos of the girls and mail them to Kendra’s wealthy parents in an effort to get ransom money. After several of her escape attempts fail, Amy is forced to make one last, desperate move. Award winner Peg Kehret crafts a suspenseful thriller with a spunky heroine who uses her wits to save herself and the toddler.
Publisher: Puffin Books
ISBN-13: 9780142415139
ISBN-10: 0142415138
Published on 2/18/2010
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 176

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I love the mystery books and scary books ,hope ill get to read it

GeekyGirl7 GeekyGirl7

this book seems interesting. i think I'll read it!

This book is amazing! It is scary and I love it! It had me on my seat!

This book is Amazing. It is about this girl that gets kidnapped because the girl she was babysitting got kidnapped and they were kidnapped by the same person. The babysitter finds out ways to communicate with her family and wierd things happen. The real question is," Will they be Found?"

Sounds pretty good 😋

scary yet,cool

this book sounds amazing

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