Jane Eyre (New School Classics)

Jane Eyre (New School Classics)

By Charlotte Bronte

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Grades 8 - 12 Grades 10 - 9 Z 7.9 17212
Jane Eyre was sent to work as a governess to the ward of Mr. Rochester. Thornfield Hall is a spooky and mysterious place with many secrets. Jane and Mr. Rochester became fond of each other and grow very fond of each other after Jane saves Mr. Rochester from a fire that broke out in his room while he was sleeping. Their bond is sealed when Jane is able to keep Mr. Rochester's secret. Their fondness for each other is drawn short because the secret of Thornfield keeps growing, but will Jane be able to look past this to the man she loves?
Publisher: Puffin Books
ISBN-13: 9780593118085
ISBN-10: 0593118081
Published on 7/14/2020
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 688

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This book is so a heart-warming story! I recommend you guys to read this book. You're going to regret it if not. It has a movie too, so watch the movie after you had read this book!

Tinker--jink Tinker--jink

This is my favorite book of all time!

Looks spooky...👻👻👻

I have had this book on my list of books to read forever and I just haven't gotten to it yet.

This book is a great read! I read it in my advanced book club with some other girls my age. It was extremely interesting and I hung on every word, not wanting to put it down. I highly recommend this Book if you can handle the old English grammar and words!

I really liked it. It's about this girl who's parents died and she had to live with her mean aunts who sent her to this school that treats kids terribly. When she grows up, she starts to live in this castle with some people and a man who likes her. Then they get married, but before they do Jane finds out he was already married and runs away. Then this man finds her and she starts to teach. A few years later, she runs away from there and goes back to the castle, but finds it burned down she went inside and one of the maids were in there. Then she goes outside and finds her long lost love old and week and blind. I loved it so much I just wanted to explane it.