Farrah Noorzad and the Ring of Fate

Farrah Noorzad and the Ring of Fate

By Deeba Zargarpur

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Farrah sees her father just one day every year—her birthday. But this year, her wish to bring them closer goes wildly awry when Farrah discovers she is a half-jinn...and her father is one of the seven great jinn kings. Her wish traps her father inside a legendary ring, and the other six jinn kings will follow unless Farrah can rectify her mistake.

Pursued by menacing shadow jinn, Farrah’s quest takes her to a floating mountain range. Joined by Idris, the jinn boy whom she inadvertently freed from the ring, and her newly discovered half-brother, Yaseen, Farrah must find a way to navigate the mysteries and dangers of her new world in order to save her father and face the most devious jinn lord of all.

Publisher: Labyrinth Road
ISBN-13: 9780593564417
ISBN-10: 0593564413
Published on 7/2/2024
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 336

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