The Heartwarming Compassion of Animals

True tales of kindness. This book is packed with stories of random acts of kindness, big and small, performed by various animals. Author and known speaker on animal-related issues Stephanie LaLand has gathered a multitude of stories sure to fill your heart with happiness and hope. From dogs to dolphins, learn true stories of animal compassion, devotion, and bravery.

Proof that there is something special about animals. Anyone who’s had a pet knows there is something special about them. We see it in their eyes when they look at us affectionately or play with others or help someone in need. Animal behavior is interesting because in many ways, how they act and the things they do are similar to the way we care for each other. Animals are affectionate and smart creatures, and this book highlights just a few of the ways that they practice compassion.

The beauty of the relationship between humans and animals. Not only does LaLand include random acts of kindness by animals in this book, but she also integrates instances of human compassion for animals. For example, she shares the story of a man who rebuilt his new house to look exactly like his old one so that his beloved cat would not be traumatized by the move. Stories like this one emphasize the unique bond that we share with animals and demonstrate just how beautiful that relationship can be.

Read Stephanie LaLand’s Random Acts of Kindness of Animals and discover…

  • Inspiring true stories that will surprise you and warm your heart
  • Acts of genuine, selfless compassion performed by our beloved animals
  • The truth of the amazing connection between humans and animals

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Paperback, 200 pages
Published on July 15, 2008 by Conari Press
ISBN-10: 1573243507
ISBN-13: 9781573243506
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