Getting kidnapped by dragons on her sixteenth birthday was the best thing that ever happened to Princess Ahira.

After spending her life avoiding lectures and lessons, Ahira is thrilled when she is kidnapped and selected to be a live-in-princess (Read: Servant) for a powerful dragon named Azmaveth. However, there are a few things in her new life that Ahira would rather do without. There’s Kohath, Azmaveth’s infuriating human steward; Azmaveth’s tendency to mis-make magic spells; Kohath; the ongoing epic battle between the dragons and the Valkyrie, magical warriors bent on destruction; and Kohath.

But Ahira should have known better than to hope for a happily ever after. When the dragons realize Azmaveth has unwittingly put their future in Ahira’s hands, she is ripped from her new home and returned to her country. If Ahira wants her happy ending, she’ll have to fight for it.

PRINCESS AHIRA is a sweet fairy tale romance. Brimming with dragons, unicorns, and wizards, it is a stand-alone adventure filled with witty characters and magical-mishaps.
Kindle Edition, 215 pages
Published on December 10, 2012
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