Power Rangers Super Samurai #1: Memory Short

The newest Power Rangers series arrives in comics in the first graphic novel from Papercutz! On a rare day off, the Power Rangers attend a free rock concert dressed as civilians, blending in with the rest of the attendees. Unbeknownst to the Rangers, the evil Master Xandred has been watching them closely, and plans to trap them by turning the crowd of thousands against them. Can the Rangers stop Master Xandred's plot without harming any of their fellow teens?

Hardcover, 64 pages
Published on July 17, 2012 by Papercutz
ISBN-10: 1597073326
ISBN-13: 9781597073325
10 Book Reviews
  • trunks
    trunksabout 5 years33 stars
    When I read this book I thought it was like the old power rangers but they changed it completely . I didn't really like this book
    • ninja620
      ninja620almost 8 years
      lol robots epic
      • jd319
        jd319about 8 years55 stars
        • tadashawalters
          tadashawaltersabout 8 years55 stars
          i love the book
          • divyaolivia
            divyaoliviaover 8 years33 stars
            I am not really so fond of Power Rangers but since the book was at home I gave it a shot. I didn't really think it was amazing and all but I still did like. This book is mainly for boys and people who like action!
            • names123
              names123over 8 years
              I liked this book. It's so so so so cool.
              • foodie55
                foodie55over 8 years11 star
                I did not like this book. Period. It was super boring. I find that the power rangers just normal people who know how to fight like samurai.
                • doctorwhorocks
                  doctorwhorocksover 8 years33 stars
                  Like this book a lot read it so fun super samurais are awesome just because I am a girl dos not mean u can't read
                  • ydelg
                    ydelgover 8 years55 stars
                    it when the power ranger have to fight this really tough guy and it is hard for them.Will they be able to fight this guy and defeat him find out and read.
                    • andy1116
                      andy1116over 8 years
                      i like this book