Pictures of Hollis Woods (Newbery Honor Book)

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Grades 4 - 8Grades 2 - 8V4.431319
This Newbery Honor book about a girl who has never known family fighting for her first true home “will leave readers . . . satisfied” (Kirkus Reviews).

Hollis Woods
is the place where a baby was abandoned
is the baby’s name
is an artist
is now a twelve-year-old girl
who’s been in so many foster homes she can hardly remember them all.

When Hollis is sent to Josie, an elderly artist who is quirky and affectionate, she wants to stay. But Josie is growing more forgetful every day. If Social Services finds out, they’ll take Hollis away and move Josie into a home. Well, Hollis Woods won’t let anyone separate them. She’s escaped the system before; this time, she’s taking Josie with her. Still, even as she plans her future with Josie, Hollis dreams of the past summer with the Regans, fixing each special moment of her days with them in pictures she’ll never forget.

Patricia Reilly Giff captures the yearning for a place to belong in this warmhearted story, which stresses the importance of artistic vision, creativity, and above all, family.
Paperback, 176 pages
Published on May 11, 2004 by Yearling
ISBN-10: 0440415780
ISBN-13: 9780439692397
24 Book Reviews
  • feluka
    felukaover 7 years22 starsFeatured
    Pictures Of Hollis Woods: written by Patricia Reilly Giff My opinion on this book would be an okay book it wasn't the worst but it wasn't the best. I'm gonna say that multiple people could relate to this, mostly children and young adults can relate. The book is about a little girl named Hollis Woods, she was a little bit on the different side of things, I would say she's more creative. Hollis has been to so many foster homes she can't even remember them all, she had one family that took her in and treated her right they were the best. But her habit got in the way; she ran away she was to blind to see she had a great home, this all means she needs to be picked up by social services. Hollis called the woman mustard lady, the one who brought her to her new home with Josie the former artist with a cat named Henry. Hollis just wanted to go back to her old ways and up and leave or at least try to run away, as much as she didn't want to admit it she loved it there. Through out the book Hollis misses Steven her old foster brother he was the best to her and she couldn't see that behind all the stubbornness. Hollis is kind of a quiet girl but she speaks through her drawings, the drawings and everything is the way that her and Josie get along seeing as Josie was an artist. Josie is very creative as well as Hollis so they got along fine, Josie is more of a go with the flow and nicer laid back foster parent. Hollis is very unique because how many kids these days bringing around a sketch pad all day drawing every little detail that stands out to her. The book is a good one and it's not like your regular basic relation between the author and the reader it's more of a inside and special one because kids that don't have homes or even adopted kids could feel this way so I think it's great. I recommend this book to 6th grade and up, for a person that can relate but also people that don't it's a kinda slow at first but it gets better.
    • jenny1214
      jenny1214about 8 years55 stars
      so scary
      • panda127
        panda127over 8 years11 star
        I hate this book so far. It is so confusing between the 1 picture then right after that there's the next chapter then so on and so forth. So far I do not recommend this book but at the end my teacher said that it is supposed to be a really good book and it is an award winning or something.....
        • nygiants3896
          nygiants3896about 9 years11 star
          Read it if you are looking for a boring nonsense book. But it is very heartbreaking about a girl who...
          • rozeb
            rozebabout 9 years44 stars
            This is such a great book! I really loved it! I liked the part when she snuck into their cabin. I read this book about a year ago so I don't remember the details.
            • squiddy1001
              squiddy1001over 9 years55 stars
              I also read this a while back. I remember it being so touching like a really good book.
              • RockyTheCatover 9 years
                I finished this book a few days ago and loved it!
                • puppypuppy
                  puppypuppyabout 10 years55 stars
                  I remember reading it a while back and I loved it, it's about a girl name Hollis, a foster child who runs away from them, when she gets put with Josie she feels different, she wants to stay. However the thing is Josie is elderly and losing her memory, and Hollis is worried if the Social Services find out she might get placed somewhere else. So she creates a plan to escape like she has done before, but there's one difference, she's escaping, with Josie.
                  • hotgirl
                    hotgirlabout 10 years
                    boring begaining intresting ending
                    • gracehanna
                      gracehannaover 10 years
                      i am in LOVE with this book!its full of hope and family!!!