“A breathtaking tale of a mother desperately searching for the power to release a darkly cloaked foe, which threatens to steal the life she dreams of.”

It was meant to be a simple life. Penelope diligently followed all the rules set out before her and operated her days in quiet safety, with her two young daughters and bearded husband tagging behind obediently. When a life altering situation forces her to the realization that her map of security has many deadly pitfalls, she journeys outside the realm of safety in hopes that she can wield the power to alter her fate. An enchanting journey, a keen depiction of our current views on the limits within our health system, Penelope's Path is a wonderfully told tale of empowerment and the gifts we all possess.

This fairytale is whimsically illustrated and based on my own journey through breast cancer at the age of 31, while 5 1/2 months pregnant. After a bout of conventional therapy, I decided to search for the means to truly heal myself, amidst the hex from my conventional doctors that this path would be fatal. This fairytale reaches a hand out to those who feel chained to a fractured health system and reminds them that self empowerment is there for the taking
Kindle Edition, 49 pages
Published on September 30, 2014
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