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Katie Ellison is not a liar.

It's just that telling the truth is so . . . tricky. She knows she shouldn't be making out with a drama club hottie behind her football-player boyfriend's back. She should probably admit that she can't stand eating quahogs (clams), especially since she's running for Quahog Princess in her hometown's annual Quahog Festival. And it would be a relief to finally tell someone what really happened the night Tommy Sullivan is a freak was spray-painted on the new wall outside the junior high school gymnasium—in neon orange, which still hasn't been sandblasted off. After all, everyone knows that's what drove Tommy out of town four years ago.

But now Tommy Sullivan has come back. Katie is sure he's out for revenge, and she'll do anything to hang on to her perfect (if slightly dishonest) existence. Even if it means telling more lies than ever. Even if, now that Tommy's around, she's actually—no lie—having the time of her life.

Hardcover, 272 pages
Published on May 1, 2007 by HarperTeen
ISBN-10: 0060880155
ISBN-13: 9780060880156
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  • Alexisabout 5 years
    So bad.
    • makgag1617
      makgag1617about 5 years
      Quahog: A football team and a type of clam. In my book Pants on Fire,And it’s written by Meg Cabot. Katie Ellison works at the Gull’n Gulp and hates quahogs. Both kinds. She had a friend Tommy Sullivan in eighth grade and was part of the newspaper and was reporting about the Quahog football team. As he walks into the boy’s locker room, they were talking about how they cheated on their SAT’S and told little Tommy, they didn’t suspect that an eighth grader would go and tell the paper that they cheated. When the paper came out, the football team had to forfeit the state championships, and ever since then they have been blaming Tommy Sullivan for lying to the press and putting that out into the world. Now that you know a little about the book, I think the protagonist is Katie Ellison because she is trying to convince everyone that Tommy really isn’t a bad person, but no one was listening and she finally got to go on the date she wanted to by telling him the truth of what she wrote on the wall of the gymnasium at the middle school. And now she has to earn back the money by working extra hard at the Gull’n Gulp restaurant where she works, to pay for sandblasting the wall to get the paint off. I think the antagonist is, the people that live in the town because everybody thinks that Tommy Sullivan raddedout the football team by telling the paper that they cheated on their SAT’S and then saying that they didn’t cheat. So now everybody thinks that Tommy Sullivan is a bad person, but he’s actually not, he was telling the truth the whole time. The first conflict the character was facing were, Katie Ellison has a boyfriend, Seth Turner but likes Tommy Sullivan that just moved back, and Tommy Sullivan is hated by the whole town, so now she thinks that if she starts dating him then the town will hate her too. And then things start to get worse, when she announces on the pageant stage that she wrote Tommy Sullivan is Freak on the wall and thought her life would be over when Tommy found out. But he wasn’t mad, because he saw what actually happened. And finally, I would say that the time period is modern times.I would also recommend this book to a type of person, that likes to read a book that has a lot of drama and isn’t queasy listening to details about kissing, I’m not a type of person that’s grossed out about that type of thing and I love listening, watching and especially reading about drama, because I feel like I’m part of it and honestly, I loved this book.
      • csal1617
        csal1617about 5 years
        You did very good on write all the details and all the writing a liked how you put a lot of effort into i like how you stared it.
        • ganfer1617
          ganfer1617about 5 years
          you explained this book a lot and it sounds good and i think i would want to read this book