Max and Tyler have been paintball partners for a long time when they realize that something's strange at the paintball field. A new player in town, Ryan, has just started playing and winning. At first, Max chalks it up to beginner's luck. But then he starts to notice weird things about Ryan and his team: They always use the same yellow paintballs, for example, even though each team is supposed to get a new color each match. And the marks the paintballs leave behind don't match up to the number of times the players shoot. Can Max and Tyler figure out what's going on before the biggest tournament of the year?
Paperback, 72 pages
Published on January 1, 2007 by Stone Arch Books
ISBN-10: 159889417X
ISBN-13: 9781598894172
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  • titansWednesday, December 9, 2015 at 9:33 am
    good i need this book because my teacher said

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