On the Court With...Kobe Bryant (Matt Christopher Sports Bio Bookshelf)

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Grades 4 - 8Grades 4 - 10T7.120328
Kobe Bryant may be one of the youngest basketball players in the NBA, but no one would dare call him inexperienced. The son of former NBA player Joe "Jellybean: Bryant, Kobe spent his childhood watching professional basketball. From the moment he could handle a ball, he was learning to dribble and shoot. At age eighteen he was given the chance to prove his stuff when he was drafted into the NBA. Fresh out of high school, Kobe showed he had the talent and the heart to make it in the pros.
Published on October 1, 2001 by Perfection Learning
ISBN-10: 0756908027
ISBN-13: 9780756908027
12 Book Reviews
  • kobethagod8
    kobethagod84 months
    I love this book that it tells about his father and kobe.
    • kobethagod8
      kobethagod84 months
      Kobe was a good basketball player and a good teammate.
      • kobethagod8
        kobethagod84 months
        It's a good story about kobe it say stuff about kobes father and kobe. Then it talked about kobe in the nba.
        • ev2407
          ev240712 months55 stars
          I love this book because it's fun.Also, because I love basketball!
          • wesgal2021
            wesgal2021over 1 year55 stars
            Can you imagine making 2000 shots per day? Can you imagine playing basketball for 10 hours a day at age 40? That is what Kobe Bryant did every day. In the biography Showboat, by Roland Lazenby it goes through his life stories and all of the challenges he faced. Kobe Bean Bryant was born in America, but his whole childhood he was raised in Italy. Kobe Bryant Played for the Los Angeles Lakers for his whole career. In my opinion, Kobe himself is his biggest enemy. He ruins the passing when he is in the game. Will he learn how to play as a team or will he get benched? Later in his career he was charged with some very serious crimes. The book is very descriptive and provides the reader with a good feel for what it is like to be Kobe Bryant. This book is for people that like to learn about people's lives. This book would probably be good for 7th grade and up.
            • basketballstar2
              basketballstar2almost 5 years44 stars
              bryant was a ball hog but he was a great nba star...
              • DL3almost 6 years
                KOBE is 38 years old now and a retired basketball player Kobe Bean Bryant is a laker for life 20 years of being a laker no one has done not even jordan and played for the bulls for 15 years and 6 rings kobe played 20 years for the lakers and got 5 rings
                • natenate
                  natenatealmost 8 years55 stars
                  this book is awsome
                  • yona123
                    yona123over 8 years
                    My fav
                    • jgandy
                      jgandyover 9 years
                      Kobe is my favorite player