Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 5S4.716709
Joel's best friend Tony drowns while they are swimming in the forbidden, treacherous Vermilion River. Joel is terrified at having to tell of his disobedience and overwhelmed by his feelings of guilt.
Paperback, 96 pages
Published on September 1, 1987 by Yearling
ISBN-10: 0440466334
ISBN-13: 9780440466338
32 Book Reviews
  • TacoBoi645about 5 years
    I just finished this book for my school book club and it now is one of my favorite books. I would reccomend this book to anyone in 5th grade onward
    • catlover045
      catlover045over 6 years55 stars
      This book is so sad😭😭😭😭😭 but really good.Im a bit after Tony drown's in the river.But on a happy note I will like to shoutout to hihi2468 for following me please follow her.😎🤗😀
      • lolalmost 7 years
        it's sad
        • beasty
          beastyabout 7 years44 stars
          Joel's best friend, Tony, Is a dare devil it was tony's idea to bike to starved rock state park,and he wants to stop along the way and swim in the treacherous Vermilion River. joel tells him not to that their parents warned him. joel gives in. he challenges tony to a race and realizes the devastating truth: tony cant swim.
          • tennisgal02
            tennisgal02about 9 years
            I think on my honor is a good book,but it is also sad.It was about two boys,Tony and Joel was taking a bike ride to starve rock,but someone was missing.Who was missing, you should read on my honor.
            • soccerblue
              soccerblueabout 9 years
              its a good book kind of heartbreaking in the middle of the story.its about two boys that they take a bike ride to starved rock ,Tony gives a dare to Joel about swimming in the river.You should read it.
              • horsefan
                horsefanabout 9 years
                My Teacher read this book to me and i loved it!
                • pinkrose
                  pinkroseabout 9 years
                  On my honor is a very good book,yet sad.It is about two best friends ,Tony a daredevil and Joel a good boy until a sunny day turned to a sad day both went to the river and only one returned:Joel .Tony was missing ,the police came and Joel had to tell.
                  • horsefan
                    horsefanabout 9 years
                    The book On My Honor is a wonderful, yet sad book. It is about 2 boys, Tony and Joel. Tony is more of a dare devil than Joel. Tony really wants to go ride his bike to the mountain so Joel convenses his dad to let him go. On there way there they pass a bridge, Tony says they should take a swim instead of riding to the mountain. Tony jumps right in and then Joel finally gets in. Tony dares Joel to try to beat him at swimming. They start swimming and all the sudden Tony disappers and Joel looks every where in the river. Joel rode his bike back home and didnt tell anyone about Tony, until finally the police come and he spills the beans.....
                  • buildergal
                    buildergalabout 9 years
                    This was such a good book, with heart breaks, big mistakes, and some really good parenthood. I would recomend this book for ages 8 and up. FIVE STARS!!!!!