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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 5n/a4.524462

Nicki Fleming is a 10-year-old girl who is a natural with animals. She lives on a working Colorado ranch with her parents and younger brother. She is optimistic, generous, and compassionate, and she loves skiing almost as much as she loves animals.
Nicki has a hard time saying "no" to people. Whenever anyone asks for her help, she's ready to lend a hand. When Nicki says "yes" to becoming the main trainer of a service dog that she and her mother had planned to train together, Nicki ends up in over her head, and struggles to juggle multiple responsibilities: to her parents, her best friend, her teacher--and to the dog.
But in the process of training the lively and spirited Sprocket, Nicki's affection for him grows--even while she keeps reminding herself that she has to give him up to someone who needs him more than she does. Equally important, Nicki learns some important lessons for herself.
Book One ends with the with big test--and success!--of Sprocket's potential as a service dog, and Nicki's deep pride in their joint accomplishment.

Paperback, 136 pages
Published on March 1, 2007 by American Girl
ISBN-10: 1593692595
ISBN-13: 9781593692599
4 Book Reviews
  • sciencerules17
    sciencerules17about 4 years55 stars
    This book looks fun to read! I am adding it to my list!
    • 4asheldon
      4asheldonover 7 years55 stars
      I think this book looks good!!!! I rate it 10 for 10.All the American girl doll books are good.
      • ikyra_marie
        ikyra_marieabout 8 years
        Cool!I liked the review by @edmodo-ue3gerr6k.This books is about a girl named Nikki who is an animal lover and is always been good about helping animals.She then has to train a service dog named Sprocket, and she wonders if she can do it for the gala.Read the book!You should read all the american girl books!
        • edmodo-ue3gerrd6k
          edmodo-ue3gerrd6kalmost 9 years
          Nicki is about a girl named Nicki who can't say no. When Nicki learns that her mother is pregnant with twins, she is really excited but that means she would have to take care of a service dog that was coming in a few days. That meant a lot of things would be different. She can't go skiing that often. She will have to take care of the service dog until it was time for him to take a test to see if he could be a service dog. But she also has joined a decorating committee with 2 rich kids, Heather and Kris for the end of the year gala. By the time Sprocket was mature, Nicki and Sprocket were invited to a party hosted by Heather. Will Nicki be able to say no if something bad happens to Sprocket or will she never say no? Read Nicki by Ann Howard Creel.