Minecraft: Lore of HEROBRINE: (The Founding Fathers of Minecraft, Book One)

The Founding Fathers of Minecraft: Lore of HEROBRINE (A Minecraft Novel)
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Have you found that one thing in life that makes you feel whole? What if that one thing that you actually love to do is something nefariously evil? Would you still do it or do you even have the choice?
The Founding Fathers: Lore of Herobrine is an exciting legend that explores the relationship between four brothers who find themselves to be the first inhabitants of a new world called MINECRAFT. The four legendary brothers are Notch, Jeb, JunkBoy and Herobrine. With their individual aspirations for their new world firmly seeded within each of them, they need to work together to build a successful colony. Will their differences pull them together or drive them apart? Will their actions truly flourish a brave new world? Ultimately, in the end - Do they ever really have a choice?
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Paperback, 88 pages
Published on March 1, 2014 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-10: 1496113349
ISBN-13: 9781496113344
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