What secrets do villages hold?

Come learn more of these mysterious robed people who normally say so little to outsiders. In this diary of a villager boy, you'll catch a glimpse of their secretive lives and find out how they survive in their hostile world.

What's behind the calm expressions? What mystical knowledge do they possess? You'll never know by asking them. Dive into this book for the answer.

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Kindle Edition, 76 pages
Published on February 23, 2015 by Cubed Publishing
8 Book Reviews
  • Super wimpy guyover 6 years
    • Thominator_Xover 6 years
      I loved it. It was a cool book and I already read up to book 5! Can't wait to get book 6
      • chocolatecandy5
        chocolatecandy5over 6 years
        this looks so cool!
        • souraya
          sourayaover 6 years55 stars
          • pickerr
            pickerrover 6 years
            looks pretty cool
            • souraya
              sourayaover 6 years55 stars
              If you follow me I will
            • dogo770
              dogo770over 6 years
              can someone lend me the book cause it looks and sounds cool
              • pickerr
                pickerrover 6 years
                I would but I don't have it, and I have no idea where you live