Minecraft Comic Book: Herobrine vs. Slenderman: The Last War


The Battle for Minecraftia. Slenderman Vs. Herobrine. In an Epic Comic Book!

Over 30 Fully Illustrated Comic Pages!

Follow the Battle Between These 2 Legends of Minecraft!
Kindle Edition
Published on January 8, 2014
25 Book Reviews
  • minecrafter68
    When Herobrine used to be part of minecraft, he scared me so bad I was kind of traumatized and stayed in my bed for the entire weekend. The same thing happened when I saw Slenderman. I want to read this book.
    • Pakyover 1 year
      Is this comic book scary? I know! The Herobrine is powerful. And the Slenderman is less. Who will win? Herobrine will win!
      • goooo
        gooooover 4 years
        I play minecraft and read books i think I should win
        • frinkinator
          frinkinatorover 6 years
          spulol alert superman wins well i think?#1 book
          • hiy
            hiyover 6 years
            this book is awsome
            • Cutesiclesover 6 years
              Oh and it looks like a great book
              • Cutesiclesover 6 years
                I play minecraft and love it
                • ravermccare23
                  ravermccare23over 6 years
                  i dont love minecraft
                • foxyover 6 years
                  i would love to have a minecraft book because it is so COOL.
                  • easton45544over 6 years
                    great book