Marvel Adventures Spider-Man: Tangled Web Digest (Marvel Adventures/Marvel Universe Spider-Man)

One of the Sinister Six is missing - and Spidey's to blame. At least, that's what the villains think and Spider-Man's life is the payment they demand for his presumed crime. Then, the Green Goblin is back. And thanks to a mix up at the Tinkerer's machine shop, he's more dangerous than ever.
Paperback, 96 pages
Published on March 7, 2012 by Marvel
ISBN-10: 078515258X
ISBN-13: 9780785152583
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  • spider2001
    spider2001almost 6 years
    This series was quite enthralling. I remember reading this comic series back when I was in the 4th grade. Spider-Man: Marvel Adventures. It follows the adventures of Peter Parker, as he navigates his way through high school. However, he doesn't fight crime alone. With the help of his girlfriend, Sophia "Chat" Sanduval, and the Blonde Phantom Detective Agency. Chat is a mutant, with the ability to talk to animals with her mind. Throughout the series, Spider-Man teams up with other heroes such as Wolverine, Black Cat, and the Blonde Phantom, just to name a few. This series has a different take on the wall- crawler that everybody knows and loves. Although, my one issue with this series is that it ended to soon. For example, the last issue came in 2012, just as Disney XD was launching it's new T.V. series, "Ultimate Spider-Man." Marvel wanted to do a tie in comic series with the show, and so they canceled this series and replaced it with a "Ultimate Spider-Man" comic series. And yes, that wasn't nearly as good as this one. So if you haven't already read this series, and your a comic fan, I say you give it a shot. It may not be as good as some of the others, but it's alright. But if your a crazy Spider-Man fan like me, you might want to read it.