Lesbian Romance: Loving the Heartland - Lesbian Cowgirl Contemporary Romance Novel (Las Vegas Connections Book 1)


Cattle rustling. Guns. Murder.

Kendra Williams has been the sole caretaker of her four younger siblings since their parents were killed in an alcohol-related airplane crash when she was only twenty years old. She has worked her entire adult life, sacrificing her dreams and her chance at love, to keep her family together and to keep their family cattle ranch safe for future generations.

Someone doesn't want that to happen.

Michelle Loving has made a successful career out of telling the American public what to think and what they should care about. She is hired to create an image of historical significance for the century-old cattle ranch,but finds herself in over her head. Not only is someone gunning for the ranch, but when it comes to loving the rustic, controlling, beautiful woman in charge of the Heartland, Michelle is shooting in the dark.

Two women...
One impossible task...
A love that will not be silent.


Loving the Heartland by Marjorie Jones is a TOP 10 Best Seller in Lesbian Romance and Lesbian Fiction in the US, UK and Australia. In the US and the UK, Loving the Heartland has reached the Top 10 and been classified as a Hot New Release in both markets.

You can find more titles by Marjorie Jones by visiting her Amazon Page. She writes both straight and LGBT romances. Watch for Where the Heart Lands in 2016.

Kindle Edition, 388 pages
Published on February 14, 2015 by Indie Artist Press
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