Kids Joke Book (Gaming Expert) (Volume 1)


Hundreds of awesome minecraft jokes for kids of all ages!

Gaming Expert - Kids Joke Book is an unofficial minecraft joke book.

Included Inside:

∙ Hundreds of hilarious minecraft jokes and memes for kids, from knock knock to creeper walks into a bar and everything in between - suitable for all ages.
∙ Hilarious minecraft memes
∙ Addicted to minecraft? - 111 signs that you are.
∙ Creepers sneepers! A section dedicated to fantastic creeper jokes & memes!
∙ Steve is the new Chuck Norris
∙ Terrible minecraft puns to make you smile!

This Awesome Kids Joke Book will allow you to amaze your friends with all your new found minecraft humor. Don't get left behind, become a Minecraft Comedy Expert!

Gaming Expert - Kids Joke Book, is an unofficial Minecraft inspired joke book and is an original work of fan fiction that is not associated with Minecraft or Mojang/Notch. It is an unofficial work and is not sanctioned nor has it been approved by the makers of Minecraft.

Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch
Paperback, 38 pages
Published on November 28, 2014 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-10: 1505211905
ISBN-13: 9781505211900
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