Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo (Latinos in American History)

16th-century explorer who led the first European expedition on the U.S. west cost.
Library Binding, 48 pages
Published on December 1, 2003 by Mitchell Lane Publishers
ISBN-10: 1584151994
ISBN-13: 9781584151999
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  • salarypasunate
    salarypasunateover 3 years55 starsFeatured
    The name of my books is called “ Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo ” this book is written by John Bankston, the genre of my book book is non fiction biography, illustration and photographs are done by John Bankston, the total page numbers of my books is 48 pages, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo's book is mostly about Juans family back round information and his child hood information for instance, when Juan was young his parents left him on the streets because they were too poor to take care of him, 3 months later a rich merchant found him then took care of him and the rich persons name is Alonzo De Sanchez The main lesson you should know about Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo is NEVER GIVE UP. For example when Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was ill, he went outside of the indoor area of the boat, just so he can maneuver the boat to get all the people on the boat back home. Juan did not take back getting in a war with the Indians, he did not stop in the middle to ditch everyone to go home, Juan stood his ground and acted like a true solder. Even when Juan had struggles in life he still stayed true to himself like when his mother and father left him on the streets he did not give up on, someone will find him and take of him even though he was an infant. Even when Juan had many struggles in life Juan still took the risk of killing his own wife because she was an Indian also he had to do it for Spain, Juan did not think for a second should I do this or not. Juan would never give up throughout being a solder and an explorer. In conclusion I would recommend this book because it tells you all the information you need, but also it is mostly about his story line. One unanswered question I would like to ask the author is why was Juan so special that you wanted to write about him.