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The Golden Compass for the digital age in this story of a coding star and her robotic companion that isn't what it seems.

Lacey Chu has always dreamed of working as an engineer for MONCHA, the biggest tech firm in the world and the company behind the "baku"―a customizable "pet" with all the capabilities of a smartphone. But when Lacey is rejected by the elite academy that promises that future, she's crushed.

One night, Lacey comes across the broken form of a highly advanced baku. After Lacey repairs it, the cat-shaped baku she calls Jinx opens its eyes and somehow gets her into her dream school. But Jinx is different than any other baku she's ever seen...He seems real.

As Lacey settles into life at school, competing with the best students in a battle of the bakus that tests her abilities, she learns that Jinx is part of a dangerous secret. Can Lacey hold on to Jinx and her dreams for the future?

Hardcover, 336 pages
Published on January 7, 2020 by Sourcebooks Young Readers
ISBN-10: 1492683744
ISBN-13: 9781492683742
32 Book Reviews
  • bsc
    bscover 1 year55 stars
    Wow. That was the first thing I said after reading this book. Lacey Chu lives in a world where they use bakues instead of iphones. Many people become friends with their baku and the bakus assist their owner. Lacey really wants to get into Profectus- a special advanced school- and she thinks she will. After all, she's an amazing engineer and can fix almost everything. Plus, if she gets in Profectus she will have a guaranteed future at Moncha- her dream job. But when Lacey received a email saying she's not accepted into the school, she's devastated. But, she still needs a baku, so she and her friend go to get one. She gets a level 1 beetle, which is the lowest level. (The higher they are, the better!) To go to Profectus she needs at least a level 3 baku, but she's not going there so she doesn't care. Lacey and her friend, Zoya are walking, but Zoya's baku gets lost. Lacey goes to find it, but also finds a cat baku. It's all torn apart and beard up. But like mentioned earlier, Lacey is an excellent engineer. She fixes it up and then receives a surprising letter from her dream school. This time she's been accepted! And they confirm that she has a level 3 baku, Jinx? Jinx is the cat she rescued and apparently her baku. Now at Profectus, Lacey makes new friends, learns about baku battles, and tries to solve the mystery that Jinx isn't like any baku ever made. And if people find out that Jinx isn't a normal baku-Jinx is in great danger. Filled with mystery, a bit of romance, and heartbreaking news, this book has it all. I was so shocked at the end, and loved this book. I highly recommend! Happy reading!
    • ananyadhar05
      ananyadhar05almost 2 years55 stars
      This book is amazing. I really enjoyed reading it.
      • gar208
        gar208about 2 years55 stars
        Lets just say this book is amazing. Its about a girl and instead of phones they have basukas. which is basically a animal robot/iPhone. anyway, she wants to get into this really nice school, but you haft to have a level 3 basuka. she can only afford a level 1. but then in a raven she finds the body parts of a level 3 basuka. can she rebuild it and get in the school and live her dream carrier. This is book one of the series! If you like it book two is unleashed. Hope you read it!!!!
        • belle252
          belle252over 2 years55 stars
          This is a very book with a very good cliffhanger at the end. In a world full of tech, bakus were the new phone. Moncha invented bakus, and Lacey has one dream: To be Moncha's engineer. She gets an email saying she cannot get into Profectus, the school were Moncha's engineers come from.She gets a level 1 Baku, which is a very low level. She finds a Baku on the side of the road- a level 3 one- and she fixes it. She gets another email saying that the rejection was a mistake and she went to Profectus. She has quite an adventure as her enemy also goes to that school and then she gets selected for the school team, things just keep getting harder and harder till she finds who really is her Baku-jinxes owner.
          • good book!!!!!over 2 years
            awsome book! great read!!
            • Book wormover 2 years
              This is pretty cool it is great
              • 123over 2 years
                It is a great book! Ireally like it!
                • Tiaradestine83over 2 years
                  This is a great book
                  • Rebeccaover 2 years
                    I think that this book is to cool to me
                    • Kitty catover 2 years
                      I love this