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    Moana is a cute movie about not giving up, reaching big goals and having friends to help you get there. It's also funny here and there, although its audience is more kids, it is a great movie for everyone! I watched it with my friend and she liked it too! I recommend this movie for anyone!
    About 4 years ago
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    I don't know, if not now,soon!
    About 4 years ago
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    I'm kinda glad that this guy won, but I don't live in France so...
    About 4 years ago
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    the plot is pretty good. the 3D models are not terrifying and disturbing like norm of the north, the songs aren't irritating and weren't worn out within 4 days like frozen, characters like the giant coconut crab (i forgot his name don't judge me) are creative.
    About 4 years ago
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    About 4 years ago

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