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    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked
    1 day ago
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    Me reading this at 4am while I'm watching spongbob
    2 days ago
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    This movie vhfie is really cool I like the car and how it makes you go back in the future so this movie really interests me a whole bunch. But little kids probably shouldn't watch it. But if you haven't seen it you need to stop watching veggie tales and Dora the explorer or paw patrol or whatever and turn on back to the future. LOL
    8 days ago
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    Guys, to be honest, I did hate 2020 but it was a year where a lot of things started for me. I started to feel real emotions that I almost never feel, and I got what I had wanted for a long time. Even though it was the last time me and my best friend EVER played with each other and laughed together, not knowing it was gonna be the last time, 2020 was still a good year. Not everyone is still alive, but we have them in our hearts. But, happy 2021.
    10 days ago
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    I hope you all had happy holidays and a fun new year!💙
    12 days ago
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    1. Lots of stuff but I got some funko pops , earrings , a bed set , pictures , toe socks!!(awesome) 2 . prob moving 22 hours from where I was born ( but 10 from where I lived ) 3.prob November its my birthday month! 4.YASSS! 5 . I'm not sure but I just read the new baby sitters club graphic novel and I love it!!!😍
    12 days ago
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    Hi Guys!! I'm back with few questions for this week!! 1) What did you get for Christmas?? (If you don't celebrate Christmas, How is your winter-break going so far?) 2) What was one memorable thing that you did this year? 3) What was your favorite month? Why? 4) Are you excited for 2021?? 5) What is your favorite book that makes you comfortable during winter? My Answers: 1) 2 hairbrush, a phone, and a table kind of thing that is movable. 2) Moving to a new place. 3) My favorite month this year was December because I had a lot of good memories with my family and friends. (except the COVID situation...) 4) Yes!! 5) I like to read or watch Harry Potter series because it is my all time favorite book series!! I hope you had a great year!!
    13 days ago
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