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    172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad is undoubtedly the best mystery/thriller novel I have ever read. This 355 page Sci-Fi thriller depicts three teenagers, and their once in a lifetime opportunity of setting foot on the moon.This book starts off in the year 2019, nearly a decade after the last moon mission NASA sent. In the last ten years, alien signals have been emanating from the moon leading NASA to launch another mission. But this time, 3 teenagers have been chosen for the mission of their lifetime. The three teenagers have high hopes for the trip, but little do they know that a mysterious alien form is waiting for them on the moon. It is the opportunity of a lifetime if they make it back alive. Johan Harstad does a very good job of describing the setting of the book. It makes the reader feel as if he or she is the main character.I would recommend this book to anybody that loves books that are mysterious and make the hair on a person's back stand up.
    Almost 8 years ago
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    By Anthony Horowitz
    Almost 8 years ago
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    By Johan Harstad
    Almost 8 years ago
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    Scorpia Rising is the rap up to the action packed series, Alex Rider. This is the best book in the entire series. The book documents Alex Rider's most dangerous and final mission of his secret spy life. Scorpia an elite terrorist organization has messed with Alex twice before. Having not succeed, they have lost their reputation severely. Now Scorpia has been hired in order to return the Elgin marbles to Greece from the British. But, the British are claiming rights to the marbles and not returning them. Therefore Scorpia plans to blackmail Britain, by luring MI6 to assign Alex a fake mission that brings him to Scorpia hands. Scorpia plans to kill Alex rider, and tell the world that Britain has hired a 14 year old boy for spy service, if they do not return the Elgin marbles. Will Alex Rider escape this trap and save his country? Find out in Scorpia Rising.
    Almost 8 years ago

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