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    My name is Myles and I wod love you win bc I am starting my own little library so I can know everything when I get Big, and I Love Animals and learning to be able to tell people all about them and make up stories of my own to share, I am learning to read with my Mommy and Big Brother early bc I love to be able to do things just like him and be able to share what I learn with family and friends, when I get to visit the big boy school with Brother they love to hear my stories and how much I know just like the big kids! I enjoy telling people anywhere I go with my Mommy the things I know from reading and they always make a Smile and that makes be really happy and some talk to me about how smart I will be if I keep reading to be able to teach others all I have learned and they seem happy and always tell me thank you bc I told them allthem my stories and what I am learning.Thank you for the chance to add something new to grow my library and to have my firstNational Geographic like myBrother
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