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    I also read this book a few years ago.. now I'm in 6th grade, and I still keep re-reading it over the years! Each time I read it I get a new view on it. It is such a heartfelt story of friendship, and from each perspective, it's like you get the whole view.. you get why people treat Auggie a certain way, not just a view of it making it sound like the person's fault that he/she did that to Auggie. Everyone has a reason for doing things, even the author R.J. Palacio...
    11 days ago
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    Bombcyclone2-1418-mediumIt was just, like, wow... (I live in the northeast) 🙂🎶Let it snow let it snow let it snow🎶 I had no school for and entire week!
    11 days ago
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    By R. J. Palacio
    11 days ago

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