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    In the next year what will be the animal for the year 2014 and what traits will it be
    Over 8 years ago
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    THE MOVIE THE LORAX IS A VERY LOVING MOVIE . THE MOVIE CANM TEACH PEOPLE NOT TO HURT THE EARTH . ALSO, WE CAN SAVE THE EARTH AND SO THE EARTH DOES NOT END UP THAT THER IS NO LAND .JUST WATER . .............................................................................................. HOW WOULD WE LIVE ???????????????
    Over 8 years ago
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    i cant belive it was the longest most significant of all chineese festivals
    Over 8 years ago
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    i wonder how the animals were picked
    Over 8 years ago
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    I have heard of omens before. Here;s one that rhymes: When dew is on the grass,rain will never come to pass.
    Over 8 years ago
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    This article reminded me of when I was in kindergarten and our teachers were teaching us about temples in China.
    Over 8 years ago
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    i think that mythology is really cool because people find myths and then they figure out if the myth is real
    Over 8 years ago
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    I can make an inference with my prior knowledge. Chinese people use fireworks for Chinese NewYear and fireworks are for special occasions like July 4.So now I know that Chinese New Year is a really special occasions for Chinese people
    Over 8 years ago
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    i wounder how they make decorate the dragon so good because i looks so real.they must of took a long time to finish the dragon.
    Over 8 years ago