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    I feel like this a serious situation. They are being selfish by killing the children and others for attacking purposes. Someone should find a way to put a stop to this. It is not right. This whole dilemma will start to effect the United States. The president seems pressured by all the war. The United Nations better get out a pen and some paper and get a peace treaty started. This all seems horrendous.
    Over 5 years ago
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    That is beautiful. Someone needs to call up Buddy Valastro (Cake Boss) and tell him he needs to try this.
    Over 5 years ago
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    Critical Question Answer: There is no stated way to take off the bandage. Also, how would you at home know when you are fully healed. I could fix this by most likely making another chemical that allows for removal. Also, having a self evaluation for at home. Anyone agree?
    Over 5 years ago

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