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    OMG heart oreos for life!!!! <33333 Happy B-day!!!!!!!!!
    Over 7 years ago
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    Who hasn't enjoyed an Oreo? That delicious sandwich cookie that you either dunk in milk whole or savor by peeling off layer after layer. Well believe it or not, you are not the ...
    Over 7 years ago
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    I enjoyed this book so much that i could hardly put it down. This book is about Hannah Baker and her 13 reasons on why she commited her sucide. She recorded each one on tapes for all her vicims to listen. Jay Asher had many good ideas in this book. The book was very well structed and the book flows very well. I would recommend this book to preteens however mostly to young adults because some of the material many not be suited for preteens and youngers. I really loved this book and hope you do too! :)
    Over 7 years ago

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