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    Why haven't engineers and chemists thought of this earlier? I'm glad that Audi took the stand to create an eco-friendly fuel. Would the car need any modification to support this fuel?
    Over 4 years ago
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    Hubble 3D is an amazing IMAX exclusive movie that shows footage of the process of making and perfecting the Hubble Telescope. I highly recommend this movie for people who are interested in Astrology, Astro - Physics, and anything else related. If you are not interested in Astrology it shows amazing graphics of stars and planets.
    Over 4 years ago
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    Even though industries are extracting the minerals from the water, the minerals ( ie. Iodine, Sodium, Chloride, Bromide, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium) as an abundant source in the Dead Sea are used for many applications medicinally and cosmetically. As the high levels of bromide and Magnesium can relieve allergic reactions. Also many of these minerals relive different forms of arthritis, cure ailments, hydrates the skin and reduces inflammation and also is used in anti-aging methods.
    Over 4 years ago
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