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    Zinn: 1.Jakarta is vulnerable to sinking because the city lies on a low flat basin at the mouth of a river. Other factors that help the issue is the rising of sea levels and flooding. 2. A flood that happened in 2007 that breached the existing seawall caught the governments attention and they decided they needed to take action. Their first part of their plan is to strengthen the existing wall to Jakarta. 3. The biggest hurdle they face is whether or not they can afford the cost. The author is impressed that the government joined in to help with the problem.
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    1~ The reason Jakarta vulnerale to sinking is the flooding ,sea level rising ,subsidence decreasing,proliferation of borehole. 2~ The city is slowly sinking which caused the government to take action. They came up with strengthening the existing sea wall around the northern part of the city. 3~The cost is too high for the government, he was shocked at the government wanting to come in on the action
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