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    The author's perspective on this topic maybe he thinks it is interesting and informative. I know this because a quote from this passage states, "In mid-January, while exploring the white sands of the beach-side dunes just north of Western Australia’s Wedge Island, Tonya Illman came across an “interesting” bottle. Little did she know that inside the glass container lay an invaluable treasure — a 131-year-old note, the oldest message in a bottle discovered to date!" The author's purpose is to inform because according to the passage, it states, "Within a day, Anderson called back to let them know that he had been able to locate a 19th-century ship named Paula in the Lloyd’s Register, which maintains a list of merchant ships all the way back to the mid 18th-century." This sentence and many more come together to inform the audience about where the bottle was found and its purpose. The author responds to conflicting evidence by stating how the letter in the bottle did not get wet, even after the lid came off. According to the text, it states, "Anderson believes the note remained intact because it was encased in a durable bottle with a narrow opening which allowed little moisture to seep inside, even after the lid came off."
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