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    My Mom Got It For Me Once. At 1st I Didn't Give it much Attention. But Soon, I Started Reading it And It Is GREAT. Heres a Recap: The Wild Robot (Roz) Wakes up on a Remote Island And Has To Survive on Her on. Soon. She Learns the Animal language, Adopts a Gosling Named BrightBill. And more. BUT. Other Robots Made by the ROZZUM Factory Comes to the island and attempts to take roz back to the factory. Roz and Brightbill run away and the animals attack The RECOS. But in the end, roz loses her arms and legs. and the last RECO said that More and more RECOS will Come until all their creations have been taken back. roz decides to leave the island, Leaving Brightbill on the island. I would say this book had i very touching ending. theirs also a second on called 'The wild robot escapes' This Book is a VERY Great book. Thats why i give it a 10/10.
    Over 2 years ago
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    By Peter Brown
    Over 2 years ago

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