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    I don't know why people like this series so much. Face it, it's boring! The plot is slow and the characters are boring. Don't even get me started on the sequels. I do not recommend this book at all.
    21 days ago
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    By Shannon Messenger
    21 days ago
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    Hey guys! What do you think of my scarecrow themed avatar? Also, shoutout to bsc!!!😁😎(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ She is so kind and I would like all who aren't following her to follow her! One more thing! I have a challenge for all of you! Say thank you to everyone who helps or gives you something (Your mom or dad making diner, a friend that gives you a gift, a random person who holds the door for you, etc.)! I hope you all stay safe! Nat out!✌
    21 days ago
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    1. 😂 2. Jelly Beans 3. USA 4. 6th Grade 5. IDK 6. PicsArt 7. Um? I stay at my house.
    27 days ago
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    Uh maybe you aren't, I do my research I read the paper and watch different news channels, to get both sides, and I watch the debates and rallies, and I don't just route for whoever my parents are, and I choose Trump!
    About 1 month ago
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    I didn't go trick-or-treating this year, but my grandma bought me and my sister two fun size bags of M&Ms, five Snickers Bars, a 12-inch Rice Crispy Treat, and a bag of popcorn! We stayed home that night and watched Disney's "Hocus Pocus" while eating it all!
    About 1 month ago
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    *NO SPOILERS* Buckle in 'cause this will be a long review! this movie had some high and low points. As a girl with multiple young siblings, this movie has been played on repeat tirelessly in my home. Somehow (even though it may become annoying ) it has stayed as one of my favorite movie releases of 2020. I'll list some of the reasons why this movie was so well done. The first thing that comes to mind is how it was able to bring some nostalgia to the older audience. I was only in second grade when Frozen 1 came out and still have seeing it in theaters as one of my favorite memories. Sadly, over the years the movie became sort of a joke. Most children found Let It Go cringy and never gave it a second thought, where as in Frozen 2, they brought our favorite characters to a new light. There was a lot more backstory for Elsa and her parents, while still recognizing the struggle Anna has went through. On the side a sweet love story for Kristoff and Anna, and Olaf had plenty of adventures and discovery. We were also introduced to lots of new characters, like the Northuldra tribe and the Arendelian soldiers. The one thing they didn't do as well was the music. Yes, it was beautiful music, but the lyrics were to wordy and not as memorable. A simple example is that most people couldn't even remember the song title, let alone the lyrics themselves. But if you asked them the lyrics to let it go? they could belt it out right there! Writing music can be a double edged sword, but with all the time and effort the designers put into this movie they still could have done better. With all that put aside, it was still a wonderful movie and I encourage all of my readers to watch it. Five stars!
    About 1 month ago
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    "I am inevitable!" - Thanos. I think this is one of Marvel's best movies ever! It has a good plot and good characters, but the best part of the movie was Ant-Man! I don't like how it kills a couple of characters (I won't spoil who), and makes some storylines impossible to continue, because those characters are awesome! It also did a bad job of time travel. You can't kill someone's past self, and have their present self still living! But this was still an incredible movie that I think everyone should watch! I probably should have watched most of the other movies first, though...
    About 1 month ago
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    Hey guys as I'm new here I don't know you so I'll do my questions and post the answers 1. What is your favourite emoji???🤔 2. What is your favourite sweet???🍬 3. What country do you live in???🌍 4. What year/grade are you in ??? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️ 5. What is your favourite clothes brand???👗👔 6. What is your favourite app???☺ 7. What is your country/local busy place doing about covid???😷 7. Will you follow me???💬 Have a nice day/night Agent_Josie☺
    About 1 month ago

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