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    I like this because it makes me happy and giggle so much fun I wish every book is as good as this one that is as good it is I hope you guys or people or what ever like it has much I do cause we need more books like this one and if you do not like it will bad-person and make shere to read everyone of stink bye .
    6 months ago
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    i like this book it funny.Stink is an awesome book. Everyone should read this book. You will learn a lot of facts about sea animals. It also has funny parts. Another good reason is it’s a series. This book is about Stink Moody. He is afraid of sleepovers and he has to go to one. It is at the aquarium. His friends are going too. Their names are Webster and Sophie. Then they go on a scavenger hunt. They learn about jellyfish, sharks, and squid. One reason to read Stink is that he is Judy Moody’s little brother. I loved the book because it had facts. It has a surprise ending.In this book Stink's parents go to an auction and win a sleepover at the aquarium. Stink's friend Webster gets to go to the sleepover too! They invite their friend Sophie to come with them. When they get there, they hear a spooky story, have a treat, and it is time for bed. Stink has a hard time falling asleep because he keeps thinking about the story of Bloody Mary. He ends up staying awake the whole night! In the morning, they wake up and leave. I like this book because it gave a lot of interesting facts about sea creatures. I learned that the mega dillon shark has a top fin that is 7 feet long and one of its teeth is 8 inches long! I think it would be so awesome if I got to sleepover at an aquarium some day!Have you ever been to a aquarium? In the story, Stink and the Shark Sleepover, Stink goes to an aquarium for a sleepover with his mom, dad, an older sister Judy. At the aquarium Stink meets some animals that scare him. Stink loves shark but Is scared of vampire Squid. Will he survive a night at the aquarium with the creepy animals? This book is great and you should read the book. The first reason is because their are some fake things and real things that can happen in real life. The second reason is that I also like it because their Jellyfish that are real. The third reason is because SharkZilla is not real. I recommend you to read the book.I love this book
    6 months ago
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