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    A Wish In The Dark by Christina Soontornvat is about Pong that escapes prison while Nok chases him. Pong’s friend Somkit secretly helps Pong escape from prison after the governor comes. Pong comes to a tiny village almost drowning, and stealing food from a temple someone stopped him. Father Cham helped hide him until Nok finds Pong, then he jumped on a boat and the villagers are trying to find him. In Chattanna Pong fell into the water and his friend helps him get out of the water. While his friend takes him to a hiding place in the town. Nok found out where Pong is in Chattanna. Somkit found a way to make sun orbs that are gold. The hiding place caught on fire and all Somkit’s work got destroyed! I liked this book because it was about a kid who tries to find his own right in the city. Will Pong and Somkit survive the fire? If you want to find out read the book.
    10 months ago
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    By Christina Soontornvat
    10 months ago

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