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    This is a review of how many kids haven't read this book. If you have, this is the review for the kids who HAVEN'T read the book. This is about a boy named James and his two aunts that make him do chores for them. And James encountered a big peach (this is fictional!). He tried to get it but his aunts found out that he found a big peach. The aunts decided to sell it for more money. So while they were gone, James had gotten INSIDE the peach! Well, I don't want to spoil all of it for you. Thanks!
    Over 3 years ago
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    I decided to read this book-- well, our teacher did. We are still reading this book 'till this day! There is a kid named Stanley Yelnats, turns out his last name was spelled backwards and the same letters spelled forwards. So Stanley was innocent and told the officers he didn't steal it from the showcase. He was guilty and had a poor family. So all he had to do, was getting sent to camp for his own good. Not just any camp, Camp Green Lake. He told his cabin-mates he found the shoes by the shoes falling out of the sky for no reason. He thought it never belonged to someone. So he took it, and ran. He never knew why he was running. Probably from the guilt, or just running from another school day.
    Over 3 years ago
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    By Louis Sachar
    Over 3 years ago
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    Over 3 years ago

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